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The ultimate grow room climate controller for the Phresh Hyperfan

Control your grow room environment with the Phresh Hyperfan multiphase hydroponic fan controller.

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Get total control over your grow space with a multiphase digital fan controller, purpose built for grow room climate control. The Phresh Fan Controller works as a hydroponic fan controller with the full range of both the Phresh Hyperfan and the Stealth Hyperfan to let you regulate your environment hassle free.

The Phresh Fan Controller is an update on the original Phresh Hyperfan Speed Controller, using intuitive technology to react to temperature changes in your grow room and regulate itself with pre-programmed automated control – so your grow room will always be at the optimal condition to maximise yields.

Plug & Grow

Setting up a grow room with the Phresh Fan Controller is easy – they’re designed to plug into a ECM fan motor and be used immediately. Plug in the fan controller to the Phresh Hyperfan or Phresh Stealth Hyperfan. Use the right-hand dial to set the desired grow room temperature. Use the left-hand dial to set the minimum speed the fan will idle at to maintain negative pressure. The dial on the right can also be used to change from Celsius to Fahrenheit if turned fully to the right. If turned all the way left, the digital display will show the last temperature set. Take the temperature probe and place in the centre of the grow room, just above the top of the plants canopy, using the fitted 5.5m extension cable.

After it’s been programmed, the fan controller digital display will show the current temperature and what percentage your fan is running at. The fan will start at a minimum setting and gradually build up until your target temperature is met.

Once set up, the fan speed controller will self-regulate grow room environment with RTT technology (Reactive Temperature Technology). RTT works by recognising any rise or fall in grow room temperatures using the temperature monitor probe and reacting to these changes intuitively. It will adjust grow room fan speed as the room temperature increases before the maximum temperature is reached and slow the fan speed to minimum idle speed when the room cools – meaning grow room temperature spikes are a thing of the past.

Multi-Fan Control

The Phresh Fan Controller can also be used to control multiple grow room fans if purchased with a splitter cable.

You can also attach a fan balancer to enable you to maintain a small amount of negative pressure in your grow room, ensuring all the air from your grow space will be passed through your carbon filter, ensuring no odour leaks – without putting additional pressure on intake or extractor fans.

Phresh Fan Controller Specifications:

  • Designed to work with the Phresh Hyperfan and Phresh Stealth Hyperfan range
  • Intuitive temperature technology reacts to changes in climate
  • Self-regulating to maintain optimum grow room conditions
  • Can display temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit
  • Energy efficient – reduces energy bills
  • Ability to control single and twin fan set ups with splitter cable (purchased separately)
  • Water spray resistant with an IP55 rating – safe to use in grow rooms with high humidity
  • Thermostatically controlled
  • Temperature monitored probe fitted with 5.5m cable to suit any grow room
  • Wall mountable
  • 2-year guarantee