Who We Are

Phresh began in Australia in 2007 when a couple of mates with a wealth of growing experience and love for the hydroponics community wanted to bring transparency and innovation to the industry. We’ve stuck to our roots throughout the last decade even though we now operate on a global scale, we’ve remained the same independent company we were when we started. 10 years later, we’ve built a loyal community with our customers who share our vision for the future of hydroponics.

What We Do

For businesses

Hydroponics shops are our family and friends, we support them and they support us in return. We use a recommended pricing structure across the board to support every store, whether they’re one of the big players or just starting up. We don’t compete to sell products with stores who stock our products online or anywhere else. We’re selling innovative, original products to end users, who keep coming back because our products work.

For growers

Environment is everything when it comes to grow rooms. From keeping your grow space odour free to maintaining the optimal temperatures for your plants to yield productively, every grower knows the importance of your ventilation set up. Our products were created to solve the problems we found in our own grow rooms. It’s why we released the first digital multiphase EC fan to the market, it’s why we’re the only company to use certified RC4-8 quality graded carbon in Phresh filters and it’s why we continue to innovate products to improve grow room environments. We create products that perform as they need to, so you can do what you love – grow.

Our Flagship Products

Phresh Filters

Our carbon filters aren’t like others for more reason than one. We’re the only company to use certified RC 4-8 virgin activated carbon, mined in Australia from large deposits that are millions of years old, tested at a carbon grading lab to assure that every single one of our filters is up to the standard we’d want in our own grow room. The 51% open air custom mesh of our filter design means that our filters are also about half the weight of pelletised filters for ease of placement, whatever your grow room set up.

Phresh Hyperfan

We broke the mould with the Hyperfan. It was the first digital multiphase fan to hit the hydroponics market, and it’s remained a favourite product among growers ever since. We combined cutting edge laminar blade design and stator technology alongside a digitally controlled electronically commutated motor as well as a touch of our favourite colour – and the rest is history. We’ve had a lot of other companies try and imitate our innovation over the years, but none have come close to the original.