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Phresh® manufacture some of the best grow-room products on the market and have been developing innovative products for over 10 years.

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A Bit About Phresh

Phresh was born in Australia, 2007, from a couple of mates with a wealth of growing experience and a love for the hydroponics community wanting to bring innovation and transparency to our industry. We don’t listen to the background noise and never have, we’ve been doing our own thing for 10 years – building a loyal community with our customers who share our vision for the future of hydroponics. We’ve stuck to our roots throughout the last decade remaining a small independent company, we’re not a small cog in a giant corporation and we never will be – we’re Phresh.

For Businesses

Hydroponics stores are our friends and family. They support us, and we support them. We set our pricing for in store and online the same across the board, so you’ll never be competing with other store owners to price cut our products. We’re selling innovative, quality products to end users, who keep coming back because our products work.

For Growers

Your grow room ventilation system is your first line of defence – get it wrong and it won’t just be your neighbour complaining. Our products were created to solve the problems we found in our own grow rooms way back when. It’s why we’re the only company to use certified RC 4-8 quality tested carbon in our filters. It’s why we released the first digital multiphase EC fan. We create products that perform when they need to, and as they need to, so you can do what you love – grow.

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